Beating the January Blues


These are my new kick arse* , “take that January, I am fed up with all your broken boilers, bad backs, medical appts to attend with family members, screaming boys and all the other shit” pants.


They are definitely not my “oh no, I have a backlog of laundry and no clean underwear” emergency make before breakfast pants. No sirree. That would imply a distinct lack of adulting on my part. And clearly, these are very grown up pants.


*(no pun intended)

4 thoughts on “Beating the January Blues

  1. Very cute and the way you hung them for display made me smile. It just seems appropriate.

  2. Perfect pants for showing the world that you are in control!

    • Glad to see you get it (but hoping not to show the pants to the world, well, now I come to think of it, I have just shown them to the world here, but not planning on showing the world in person)

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