Lumps and Bumps

So, I have been continuing to practice my Tunisian crochet.


When my ball of yarn was nearly finished, I finally figured out that I’d been doing it a bit wrong. Tunisian crochet is worked with a forward pass (right to left, if you’re right handed like me, this is where you pick up stitches) and a return pass (left to right, where you basically cast of the stitches you picked up). I had been following the return pass instructions “chain one, chain through 2, repeat to end” and had interpreted them as “[chain one, chain through 2] repeat to end” whereas in actual fact they are “chain one, [chain through 2] repeat to end”. So I had basically been doing an extra chain between each stitch, which explains why there were these excess bits poking through. The right hand side of the pic shows the proper way of doing it.


Anyways,  I finished the ball of yarn. I had originally intended to make a couple of squares and sew them together to be a pot holder, but Long Suffering Husband was rather taken with this yarn and said it was too nice for that. However, as a bargin bin end of shop stock yarn shop purchase, I only had one ball of it. So LSH petitioned for a circular scarf.

I did warn him that it was rather lumpy and bumpy, but he replied that he was rather lumpy and bumpy too, so he didn’t mind. Here he is demonstrating the versatility of said scarf.


2 thoughts on “Lumps and Bumps

  1. I’m halfway through a Tunisian crochet blanket. I am actually loving the process, but I can imagine that it’s a bit tricky if you’re left handed. I love the photos of your man demonstrating the versatility of your make!!

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