Sometimes a project just pushes to the front of your queue.


Like this, Pikachu hoodie, made for a young friend of mine, which I’m pretty sure is made from the same bolt of fleece fabric as the Pikachu doorstop.

I just found out the pattern I traced for The Boy a couple of years ago.


Cut the patch pocket from the leftovers.


Added a hem band cos I seem to be kind of addicted to them at the moment and I finally got the thumbhole cuffs to work!


I used the wrong side of the last scraps from some trousers I made for The Boy to make applique stripes on the back and for the base of the tail too. This tail was a pain to turn as the end was way bigger than the opening.  But I did the right thing cos according to Customer Feedback this is a male Pikachu tail (phew).


There’s a press stud holding the tail in place so that you can wear it up or down.


The face is appliqued on too (lets just ignore the fact that I really should’ve interfaced those cheeks before sewing them on) and the ears hang down. The hood front is finished with jersey bias binding, one of my new favourite sewing things, and matches the black finish on the cuffs and hem (so much more practical than yellow in those areas don’t you think).

Here it is on my in house model before being hand delivered to it’s new home.  Where I am reliably informed it’s proud new owner is now fast asleep in bed still wearing it.

Now, to get back to the To Do List…

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