My local fabric shop has now got in loads of thick sweatshirt fabric in a large variety of colours. I snapped up some in red to make another pair of trousers for The Boy, hot on the heels of the last pair (and with the same pattern) and this pair got finished very quickly.


After last time I bought 1m20 to make sure I had enough length for the legs, and even after extending the leg length on the pattern I had loads left at the bottom. No cuffs needed on this pair.  I also reinforced the knees again,  concentric circles this time for a change and the consultation that I undertook on patch placement before sewing paid off: user feedback is very positive.



These didn’t just sew up quickly because I’d just made a pair (although that helped), but also because I had a deadline, namely Dress French or Spanish Day at school.  I  knew that The Boy would want to dress French themed rather than Spanish, for he is learning French not Spanish at the moment, and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with sending him dressed as an onion seller, as my friend put it so well, national stereotypes are lazy racism. So I racked my brains, trawled the internet, and came up with Asterix, which was a great success.


Turns out that the left overs from the Trains Pride T shirt were the perfect accent colours, the dark green and yellow made a suitably cartoony belt…


… and the light green made a covering which transformed an empty Robinson’s Squashed bottle (sourced from a kind soul on a local freecycle group) into a magic potion bottle. I left out the sword I didn’t think taking one to school would end well.

The helmet was made by yours truly out of cereal boxes, masking tape and silver spray paint and The Boy made the wings.


The prototype moustache was fleece, but I just found time to knit a Sven for him to wear as he’s lost the moustache my friend knitted him previously.

Hooray for Asterix and a good excuse to borrow a bunch of the books from a friend to remind ourselves how great they are (kept both of my kids and a visiting one quiet for a while). The costume went down well with his teachers and some older pupils, but his class mates were convinced that he was dressed as someone from ancient Greece. Oh well, we know better.

The red trousers though I’m hoping will be wardrobe stable as the weather turns colder.

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