Pegasus PJ’s

There have been a lot of posts featuring my son recently so just to prove that I still have a daughter that I love very much, but don’t make as many items of clothing for as her tastes are more mainstream, here are some pj’s I made recently.


The flannel was bought yonks ago at my brothers local fabric shop in Scotland, and either she’s grown massively since then or I underestimated what I needed, as there wasn’t any where near enough for a set of pj’s for her as I’d planned, only just enough for the bottoms.


Luckily I found this jersey locally that matched one of the colours in the flannel just perfectly (its very important to The Girl that things match). I even managed a perfect V neck for once (and then immediately made a pigs ear of a different part of the neckband, but hey). I used this new to me technique and I will definitely be trying it again, I really think only dealing with a single layer of neckband at first helps (and check out the perfect black and white neckband in the video, wonder if I’d be brave enough to try that, it looks fab!).IMG_0204[1].JPG

To make it tie in further I thought I’d applique something onto the top from the scraps, the traditional Scotty Dog as a bit twee for my liking, so I racked my brains for something my Greek Myth loving daughter would like and came up with a Pegasus! I’m really pleased how this came out, all due to lots of interfacing, both on the flannel and proper jersey stuff on the back of the t shirt.


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