Major Surgery

On my to do list for Mend it May was Fix Growl (formerly known as Ted), my son’s bear (once my husbands) who threadbare fabric (long since devoid of any fur) was simple wearing through in places. I didn’t do it. I was too scared. I have darned him a little before, put a little improvised extra stuffing in him (cut up knit fabric scraps) and replaced his pupils and nose, but this was somehow too big a job. Growl has therefore been on the side in The Boy’s bedroom for months, only hugged in emergencies as he’s too ill ill for everyday use. Bad Mummy.

I finally plucked up the courage recently. It was a complicated operation that involved cutting him open (eek), taking out the horrid assortment of stuff that was inside his tummy, restuffing him with lovely new toy stuffing and then giving him a skin graft on his entire stomach that was the fleecy reverse side of some scraps of sweatshirting (I really couldn’t see how to darn such threadbare fabric). I fixed his slightly lose ear at the same time, put his shirt back on him and hoped for the best.

The boy was not overly impressed with my efforts at first, but didn’t actually get cross and has now seemed to accept it and Growl is back in bed with him.


And now he’s pointed out that his snout is going. Eek…