Christmas list

Well, the waistcoat is nearly done bar fastenings (oh and working out what to do with a collar that won’t lie right, argh), so tomorrow I’m going to the local fabric shop to choose some buttons.

Once I’ve finished this waistcoat I should really start on 2015 Christmas makes, so I thought I’d better write a list out to stop me going off track and help me plan better (as I obviously want to make far more than I’ve time for).

So, dear Santa, this year I’d like time to make before Christmas:

  • some pajama’s for the boy and the girl- to make up for the dressing gowns that I was planning to make them until their Grandma decided she wanted to buy them new dressing gowns (which is a lovely idea, but slightly frustrating that she asked me to buy them so I had to go round the shops looking when I’d been planning on making them. Oh well).
  • A pleated milkmaid skirt a bit like this one, which I may have started this evening (purely to work out how much bias binding I need).
  • Oh and I may have accidentally bought some stuff for making a vaguely Elsa-ish dress for the girl last time I went in the shop.
  • Something for the boy. I saw some great snuggly fake fur stuff and I’m tempted to make him a hoody of some kind (slightly less big than last one and hopefully zipperless). But then again, he has lots of jumpers so maybe I should make him a wasitcoat like his dad (and that pattern has some decent looking trousers with it so that would be a good buy, right?)
  • Something for the man would be fair. Thread Theory have just started a sew a long for their new Jutland Pants which is tempting me. But with 2 lots of family coming to stay in the next couple of weeks I just don’t have time. Maybe for his birthday.
  • I need to finish the scarf I was knitting for a present last year. It’s just about long enough but would be better with a bit more length.
  • I have a bag planned that was going to be a birthday present in the summer that I should make for Christmas.
  • Oh and I’ve promised to make another Presido purse/bag for my neighbour to give to her daughter to stop hers being stolen.
  • and a special door stop
  • That’s all of my wish list. Until I see the next thing that sparks another idea.

    Are you planning any Christmas makes (realistic or otherwise)?

    Plan time

    Ok, I’ve been thinking a lot about trousers and trench coats.  And I’ve done myself a deal.  If I get to the bottom of the pile of sewing projects that are in the corner of the dining room (where according to my husband they have no right to be as he envisioned all sewing in the new house would take place in the attic, ha) then I can buy the Colette Juniper pattern (just pausing to swoon over Dixie’s version again whilst I type) and work my way back up my list from there, completing each item before starting the next. (Although, whisper it,  I’m starting to have doubts about the double breastedness of the Robson trench coat, I’m going to go try some on in shops).

    So, yesterday at kids bedtime the pile looked like this…


    Last night I managed to tack up the second pair of way too long school trousers that I bought the boy, put away some fabric scraps that were lying around from finished projects and make the threadbare yellow sheet into a terrible self drafted muslin for a top that was supposed to be like one I’d tried on in a shop. I can’t show you how bad it was because it was also see through, so the picture is indecent.  I have an idea of how to improve it, but as it was the muslin that was on the pile, that is officially done and put away (I’m also leaving my subconcious to work on the top problem whilst I do other things).

    So, tonight, have I worked on one of the 3 already started projects on the pile?  No, I have done something new! Well, the fabric was only bought last week so it was on the top of the pile…


    Isn’t it lovely? Not my usual thing, but I have a water bottle with camper vans on that my 17 year old niece was eyeing up in the summer as apparently she loves camper vans.  She also mentioned that she doesn’t have a bag big enough to put her traners in to take to school so she has to use an plastic one. Now my niece is pretty cool, so I reckon she could rock the gym bag look.

    It probably sprang to mind as I’ve made a couple for presents recently, albeit for slightly younger people. One for a My Little Pony loving girl about to start school


    (quite pleased with the ric rac mane and tail and the button, err, bum decoration) and one for a bus mad boy about to start nursery…


    this one is actually reversible, there’s tractor fabric on the inside and I found a ribbon with vehicles on too.  The bus was reverse appliqued, so the red fabric was behind the blue, I straight stitched round the outlines, then cut away the blue that I didn’t want and finally zig zagged over the top, like this…

    Straight stitched bus design, there is a red rectangle of fabric behind...

    Straight stitched bus design, there is a red rectangle of fabric behind…

    Cutting away the blue fabric to reveal the design before zig zagging edges

    Cutting away the blue fabric to reveal the design before zig zagging edges

    It definitely looks home made and not professional, but it’s acheived the striking image that I was looking for and I think the birthday boy liked it.

    Nothing that complicated today though, just finished the side of the channel where the ribbon would go through


    Pressed over at the top and sewed down my channel.

    The contradting red thread matches my ribbon and is also to challenge me to concentrate on my top stitching.

    The contradting red thread matches my ribbon and is also to challenge me to concentrate on my top stitching.

    Folded it in half, right sides together, channel at the top. Pinned a ribbon loop in place in the bottom corner with 2 raw edges, before pinning my two raw edges together

    I put the folded ribbon loop at a 45○ angle

    I put the folded ribbon loop at a 45○ angle

    Then sewed and zig zag finished my L shaped seam. Then I just had to turn it the right way out, thread some ribbon through the channel with my trusty safety pin, put it through the loop as well, judge the length, sew the ribbon ends together (with raw edges folded in on themselves so they don’t show) and voila, a drawstring bag where the drawstring doubles as a handle