It was the third one that nearly killed me

OK, so that’s an exageration, but by the time I was finishing the third and final last minute Christmas make I was feeling pretty rough. That’s what coming down with a stomach bug does to you.


Still, if you will leave taping and cutting out the pdf until first thing Christmas Eve morning (the house was blissfully quiet as I was the only one up) and cutting and sewing until after the kids are in bed and you’ve walked your mum home (I’m thinking it was about 9pm, it’s a bit of a blur now), then you don’t have a lot of choice if you need to get it done in time. Let this be a lesson to you me.

I was fairly confident as I knew a tshirt dress, with only 5 pieces (front, back, 2 sleeves, neckband) would be a pretty quick make, but I hadn’t counted on how rough I would feel. I even switched the pedal over to slow mode to help me cope (usually only used when kids are on the machine).

But, I did it, well almost, it didn’t get hemmed until a  couple of days later but it did get worn on Christmas day. And I decided to skip the planned step of adding in some side pockets.


So, this is Nivalis number 2, sized up 2 sizes from last time, one size because the last one is quite slim fitting with not much growing room and the second size because this fabric was a bit thicker and not quite so stretchy as last time (I think it might be ponte). Probably I should’ve only sized up one size as now it’s really quite long, but never mind, she’ll grow.  Also, I left off the tabs this time (that was planned, not just because I ran out of time).

A little something extra

I used my left over ponte to make the boy a t shirt. I made it long sleeved as the fabric is fairly thick so I thought it was more suited to an extra layer.

I used the same method I used to make a raglan t shirt before, except I didn’t revise the tutorial so I may not have done it right, still it worked.

My original idea was a grey t shirt back and front, turquoise sleeves and a big turquoise star on the front, so it sort of went with my new top without being matchy matchy. But then the boy (who knew nothing of my plans as he would only complicate them) told me that I should have put the pockets on my coco at a slant and that gave me the idea of putting a kangaroo pouch pocket on the front of his top. And I didn’t have enough grey for the back as well as the front, so I put a blue band in the middle (I figured to keep some grey at the bottom as that’s where it gets dirtiest). This time I used blue thread throughout as I was feeling lazy.

Pose, models own

Pose, models own

Twin needle love. Also, not sure the raglan sleeve is supposed to come to a point like that but hey, it looks good (and the other side matches).

twin needle love. Also, not sure the raglan sleeve is supposed to come to a point like that but hey, it looks good (and the other side matches)

Oh and I changed my idea of appliquing a star. Can you tell what it is? It’s meant to be a lego brick, but the recipient and his grandma are adament that it’s a castle. Ho hum, outnumbered, but it’s been accepted anyway.

The contested lego/castle logo

The contested lego/castle logo

I’m pleased I didn’t have enought fabric for the back as orginally intended as the back looks great, the boy agrees.

More model own poses.

More model own poses.

So this definitely counts as stash busting, the best kind quick, fun, appreciated, finsihed.

dual purpose new top and boy made glittery shakey bottle photo shoot

Dual purpose new top and boy made glittery shakey bottle photo shoot – I know how to trick motivate my workforce.

The only things I would change are – 1) to make it bigger. I thought I had made it a little big, but the sleeves are just right and if anything the length is a little short, which is becuase I messed up somewehre on the stripey back and it ended up and inch shorter than the front. So I trimmed the front. And 2) – to change the shape of the kangaroo pocket so it goes up a little at the sides before it slants in, it’s not been a problem yet but doing it “properly” would help stop things falling out. (In case you noticed, I did cut it symmetrical, i just messed up hemming the slants as I didn’t bother pinning (I know scandalous) and now one side is at a steeper angle than the other (I trimmed the excess fabtric off rather than trying to unpick stitches in knit fabric)). However, I did finish it in an evening when he was asleep and we had been left alone for the weekend by the other two, so I think that gets me extra points.

OK, one more gratuitous shot of the cutest 7 year old in my house.

see, he can sit still, momentarily at least

see, he can sit still, momentarily at least