More drapery

So, there was more meant to go in my post about the asymmetric drape top, but it was getting a bit long, so here is the Post Script.

After making the top and deciding it was too tight around my bust there was room for improvement, I added some ease to the pattern. My pattern altering skills are fairly basic and the geometry of this top is a little hard for me to get my head around so I probably didn’t do this the “right” way. I decided the fit in the shoulders was fine and the length was fine. So I added 1 inch to the side/underarm seams, thereby adding 2 inches to width of the top. Then I was troubled at adding all the ease to one side (heaven forfend the top should look one sided 😉 ) so I cut the pattern piece down the line where the other side seam would be if it wasn’t a one piece pattern and pulled it two inches apart and redrew the ends of the arm.

In retrospect maybe I wasn’t thinking enough, as the original top fit well enough that I probably didn’t need to add 4 inches. So it was probably that, or maybe it was the different drape of the viscose jersey I chose, but the new top ended up a bit baggy.

akward photo shoot in garden

awkward photo shoot in garden

Hmm, not convinced this is a flattering look

Hmm, not convinced this is a flattering look

at Budleigh Salterton

This was not a “photoshoot” – proving it is worn in “real life” (Pebble balancing at Budleigh Salterton)

The arms fit a lot better on this version but its quite baggy and yet somehow my chest still seems to spoil the flow of the garment. Obviously I should have heeded the warning signs of stick thin models in the book and the fact that everyone else whose made it seems to be a different build to me.

I do wear it, it goes with my little bird skirt. But mainly I wear it with the skirt in that picture. I bought the fabric for the skirt at the same time as the green viscose thinking of making another patterned drape top (I’ve only seen it in plain or stripes and was interested how a pattern would work) but then I got bored/frustrated/disillusioned with this pattern after making the top above and started fantasising about making the patterned fabric into a maxi dress instead. Then I realised I’d probably not wear a maxi dress so I made a maxi skirt. It’s a metre length of fabric, sewn into a tube, sewn onto a wide elastic waistband and hemmed at the bottom. It’s quite versatile, if I pull the elastic so it sits a little on my hips it’s fashionably maxi, but if I pull it up slightly it’s more practical for walking about. I can’t quite bring myself to be pleased with it, it seems to simple to count, but I am wearing it quite a bit in the heatwave we’ve been having and I love the fabric (still 1m left but can’t bring myself to make a top with it as it would match the skirt and that would be wrong does that make any sense?).