So, my sewjo, which went on holiday for a while, is back. Unfortunately while it was away it drank too much coffee or something and now has the demeanor of a hyperactive puppy. My list of things I am about to make is currently

  • a lady skater dress (fabric was washed a couple of weeks ago, just bought pattern, printed it, trimmed paper, got half way through taping it, put it on one side last night)
  • a hoodie (fabric washed in the last couple of days, pattern bought)
  • 4, yup that’s 4, pairs of jeans (a new pattern bought, denim for one pair washed, denim for other 3 pairs going through complicated ordering process)
  • maybe a cardigan, and then there’s that nice fabric that would go with it….


So today, have I worked on any of these projects? Nope (not unless you count draping a piece of denim over an airer). I added another one to the list. A baby quilt. Yup, a quilt. I should point out at this point that I do not quilt and have never made such a thing. However, I have a new niece, and it seems that whereas some people get all broody when they hear of newborns, I have reached a stage in my life where the thought of little feet makes me want to quilt.


I have some inspiration, I have a pack of 6 fat quarters (given to me by bub’s parents none the less as a birthday present, so fingers crossed that means they like the colours/designs), I have some plain fabric I just bought to tie it together (albeit in an in your face orange which wasn’t what I was imagining on the way there, but trust me, it was the hands down winner), I have a new “last chance” blade for my rotary cutter (got last year, struggled to use, hoping a non-notched blade will help, but if I can’t manage to cut straight lines with it then I will have to admit that they’re just not for me) and a new quilting ruler thingymagic, I can already sew straight lines. How hard can it be?

I should point out that the small sensible portion left in my brain has forbidden me to buy backing fabric or find out about batting until I have finished the patchwork top.