Politically Incorrect Lunch

I’ve just got back from having lunch two of my friends – a great opportunity to interrupt each other, swear and generally put the world to rights. Somehow one of my friends got talked into being Vegan for a month and for reasons that I’m not entirely sure of, that then meant I had to to make vegan brownies to bring for pudding.


Which is why LSH found me “doing crazy things” aka starting to cook nut free vegan chocolate brownies at 11.30pm yesterday.  The nut free bit isn’t so easy to achieve in conjunction with the vegan bit, but a necessity for me cos of my over zealous immune system.

The brownies were a great success, this is the bit I took home, looking slightly the worse for wear after being chucked in my cycle pannier.

For my future reference, for my friend who liked them and for anyone else wanting to cook such a thing:

  • The nut and dairy free chocolate brownie recipe that I used for the base can be found here.
  • But I couldn’t get the link from that recipe to the flaxseed egg substitue that they used to work, so I used this one instead.  (My two top tips on this are flaxseeds are the same as linseeds, and they are near impervious to brute force, so buying ready powdered is a good idea. Apparently there is a similar thing you can do with chia seeds too and they don’t need crushing).
  • The “really, this has avocado in, I cannot taste it” lovely avocado fudgy topping came from  this recipe. It was actually the inspiration for the whole shebang, but the rest of the recipe was too nutty for me (I can’t eat coconut either, no idea if they’re technically a nut or not, my avoidance is purely based on experience not botanical definitions).
  • I sort of used the caramel sauce recipe from here.  Sort of as in I had about 1/6 soya milk the recipe called for (left over from when the Beast from the East stole all our milk and I panic bought soya milk and then had to figure out ways to use it, which turned out to be pancakes and soda bread), so I kind of winged the amounts rather than try and measure 1/30 cup  maple syrup. It came out a bit too thick to drizzle but was very tasty.

So there you have it. Perfect to have with your coffee on a sewing break.