It’s Grim Up North

I went and relived my youth last weekend, strolling around Manchester, which has bizarely now got a pierced representation of Telly Tubby Land in the city centre!


Also, the Northern Quarter has some stonking graffitti

Stunning Stuff

Luckily the friend I was staying with is very patient

(I felt like such a tourist taking a photo on Canal St, luckily it was only afternoon)

Me being me, I didn’t just photo the graffitti

Like I said, my friend is patient

very patient

Although she did comment that I tend to waffle on a bit on my blog

So the sparse word count in this post is dedicated to her

I’m not much of a vintage clothes kind of person, but this WW2 Utility Coat really fascinated me, with the striking collar, darts from the shoulder, and most excellent pockets. Shame it was behind glass and so hard to photograph.

So, now I am back in the SW, with working heating, a serviced sewing machine and some new fabric I got today….