Useful Sewing Links

I keep finding lots of lovely tutorials and hints on the web when I’m browsing, merrily following links from one site to the next. And then hazily remembering them some time later, but often I can’t find them. So I’m going to start saving them here, then I’ll be able to find them again, and maybe they’ll be of use to someone else too. So in no particular order ….

  • Haven’t updated this in a while (too busy starting projects, sorry), but thought I’d share this apparently life changing tip for sewing with knits, sounds too good not to try. Coming soon to a knit project on this blog.
  • Various methods of binding knit fabric (i.e. adding a neckband) discussed with their pro’s and con’s and clear photo’s on the Kitschy Coo site.
  • More tips on sewing with knits from Maria Denmark
  • Flat felled seams explained with clear photo’s – you know, those slightly ridged seams you get on jeans, where all the raw edges are hidden (and it only needs a straight stitch).
  • How to make bias binding in a continuous strip I did this, it worked, but it wasn’t quite as clear as I would have liked (when lines are drawn parallel to one edge of a parallelogram how exactly is that “on the diagonal” – which edge of a parallelogram is the diagonal?!)
  • Hmm, maybe it’s possible to combine that method with this non continuous way that uses masking tape to mark bias binding
  • Simple way to insert a fly front zipper worked perfectly for this fly zipper virgin.
  • Lladybirds insserting an invisible zip tutorial looks like it could come in useful some day.
  • How to bag a jacket lining just in case I ever make a jacket (ha).
  • Actually while you’re at it there are loads more great tutorials on grainline than the two I just mentioned, so just go and browse.

  • How to set in a sleeve using tie interfacing or one of the similar fabrics listed. One I’ve not tried yet.
  • Rerversible bucket hat construction especially how to sew a turning gap seriously, the way to sew a turning gap at the end of the page is simple, effective and really useful for so many more things than hats, I do this all the time now.

  • Finishing arm holes and neck line using bias binding I particularly like the labelled photo’s – very clear
  • Uderlining a Sewaholics Robson Trench coat because I am going to get around to making one.
  • curved hem tips
  • side seam splits (and check out how she marks notches, cool)
  • of boys pdf patterns
  • 2 thoughts on “Useful Sewing Links

    1. Wow that is a great resource, thanks not just for the links but the description!

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