I like sewing.  And knitting. And baking.  And making things in general.  (But not crochet, I have a thing about crochet).  And I like sitting around reading other peoples blogs about things they have made.  (Both making and reading help in general housework avoidance too.)

I’m great at having ideas and starting projects, less great at finishing things, which is not helped by having two small children in the house.

I also hoard things, in case they come in useful, including half finished projects.  I think my husband despairs of me at times, but he’s fighting back by collecting stringed strummy type instruments.  Plus it runs in his family too, some of the stuff I have used to belong to his grandma.

I figured if I joined in this blogging malarky it might shame help motivate me into finishing some of my projects.  And just maybe someone else might enjoy reading about what I’ve done and maybe even it might spark of an idea and they might make something.  Or at least start it…

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love reading what you write you write so well. I love the big about The Boy it made me feel proud for you all. Not sure why but because you explain it all so well and seem too deal with what life throws at you so brilliantly.

  2. What I said before

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