May Day Greetings

Here in the UK we’re nearly at the start of the May Day bank holiday weekend.

For some that might mean a trip to the DIY store, an extra lie in or some family time. Some people I know were up before dawn to go Morris Dancing as the sun rises.

For me, it means a weekend adventure away with just my son, internet and electronic device free (I am taking my mobile, just in case, but it is a stupidphone, rather than a smart one, with no internet connection).

I’m just doing my traditional last minute packing (luckily this is not stressing hubby out today as he’s not coming with us) and have just packed my entertainment for the journey, my first foray into sock knitting.

the progress so far

the progress so far

The yarn is King Cole Zig Zag 4 ply in smokey.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it goes well for you.

One thought on “May Day Greetings

  1. Have a wonderful adventure with your son and enjoy being internet free. What am I doing? I plan to do gardening, but I think there’s rain forecast for tomorrow!

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