Impulse trousers

Hows the weather round your way? Here we’ve had three days of glorious sunshine, our first t shirt weather of the year. So today I dug out the kids shorts and found that I’d got rid of all but one pair of my daughters at the end of last summer and that pair is now too tight.

So I went upstairs to rummage in my fabric box – a quick pick me up of sewing would do me good I decided. I had comfy knit fabric shorts in mind, but my knit fabric box is looking rather depleted, awaiting the fabric I ordered that has mysteriously vanished on route (the vendor is currently chasing the carrier as their system is showing it as being delivered and signed for). I had a rootle but there wasn’t much appropriate and the Girl was being quite rude about what there was. Indeed she was being quite rude about the whole concept of me making her shorts.

So, I decided to make something for someone who might appreciate it instead. We were picking up some shoes from our favourite cobblers earlier this afternoon and the woman serving me asked me where I got the Boys’ trousers from. Unfortunately for her the website they came from, which sold Scandanavian labels in the UK, is now defunct. I loved lots of the styles, fun bright colours, this particular pair were bright blue with large yellow and white stars on.


front view

I had a little of the fabric from his star t shirt left. Not enough to make anything for any of us (except possibly more comox trunks), but apparently her son is a not so tall 3 year old.

I whipped out my Ottobre magazine, worked out that a size 98 seams to be about an age 3 (everyone needs growing room right), traced the sweatpants I’d made before in size 98 and discovered I had enough fabric, yay!


back view, not very different really

So, 2 hours later I had some approximately age 3 funky trousers. With pockets. And cuffs made from left over scraps of ponte (one of which is grey on the inside as the scraps weren’t quite big enough). I didn’t bother doing 2 tone cuffs. And I did the waistband a little differntly as I wasn’t using a drawstring, I used the width of the pattern piece but less height. It’s cut from 2 old t shirts and the elastic is sewn in at the centre and side seams, but is safety pinned togheter at the back with a gap left so it can be adjusted to fit (as I have no idea of the dimensions of this young man).


the insides, including mis matched cuff (but you cant see the ribbon I put as a tag in the centre back)

Job done, we hopped on a bus to deliver it and arrived 1 min before the shop was due to shut by my watch. But maybe my watch is out as everything was already locked up. So we shoved it through the letterbox. No paper with us to write a note. I hope they work it out ok! And I’m also worried I’m going to come across as a complete wierdo. Would you be worried if someone shoved unexpected items of clothing through your place of work? Oh well, too late now.

7 thoughts on “Impulse trousers

  1. Not a wierdo at all 😉 but definitely give them a call tomorrow and check she got them!

  2. I’d definitely start making a bit of noise – ask for a copy of the signature. My mums favourite quote over the telephone when she’s not getting anyway is ‘you don’t know who you’re dealing with’ and she sometimes adds ‘dear’ if they sound young! It works wonders!
    Good luck and sock it to ’em!

    • Worked it out now, I put my OLD address in, as in more than 2 years old so it’s entirely my fault. (So I shan’t mention who it was as they did everything I asked! The one time before I used them the service was great and have only heard people sing their praises online. ) Now to pay a visit to my old house….

      • Oh dear! Well at least you’ve worked it out. You’d have thought the new owners might’ve been in touch. It’ll feel a bit like a treasure hunt when you go and retrieve it!

      • They just dropped them round. So happy. They have 3 kids and it’s the holidays, so I think they’ve probably been busy.

  3. I wouldn’t be worried at all, but amazed at the kindness and generosity of someone in a world that doesn’t have enough 🙂

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